We know that your accountant
is one of your most trusted advisors. At
that's a responsibility we accept with great care.

As our lives grow, our financial and tax planning needs change. The ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES team is available to help clients and their families make the right financial choices for every stage of life. As you browse our site, you may notice a unique distinction in our expertise and services from those of the traditional accounting firm. We specialize in personal, estate, gift, trust and business tax matters. We consult with law firms, executors and trustees in and around Boston on sophisticated estate, trust and gift tax matters that impact our private clients and their families. Using both expert and practical considerations, we serve our clients on many levels, always bearing in mind each client's unique personality and needs. After all, our clients are members of the ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES family.


To earn our clients' trust by providing exceptional service and expert advice

To recognize each client's individuality, identify their unique needs and respond accordingly

To ensure our clients' peace of mind throughout the year with expert tax planning

To enable our clients to enjoy personal time with family and preserve valuable time for business and charitable
matters by coordinating and supporting their financial responsibilities throughout the year.


Life is busy, and making time for everything can sometimes seem impossible. At ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES, we coordinate your financial and tax matters so you can enjoy precious personal time with your families or preserve valuable time for other business matters. By working as a team with your other professional advisors, we can help you simplify financial matters while tax planning. We will facilitate your tax return filing, make your tax payments in a timely manner and document your tax transactions. In addition, we can assist with account consolidation, asset sales, fiduciary duties and tax planning, all in accordance with your unique plan of action.

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