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Despite Congress’ efforts to simplify matters, keeping abreast of tax laws has become increasingly complex; there are no all-encompassing “hard and fast” rules. In ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES' specialty of taxation, the complexity of the Internal Revenue code and regulations must always be respected. ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES is committed to assessing each client’s individual circumstances and researching opportunities to reduce tax liability and plan for the future.

Though ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES offers a wide range of services for individual and fiduciary clients, the small size of our firm allows us to provide personalized, quality service.

Below is a general list of tax, accounting and financial services ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES provides. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please inquire.  If it’s not a service we provide, we’ll be more than happy to refer you to a qualified professional.

Tax Services

Tax Preparation

ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES' philosophy and approach in this area sets it apart from other accountancies. A wealth of information can be analyzed as part of the tax preparation process. The firm's knowedgeable team provides clients valuable information so they can make good decisions about their finances.  In fact, the information used in preparing tax returns can spur a variety of financial discussions.

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Tax Planning

Tax planning is an essential part of tax preparation – it allows you to minimize your current and future tax liabilities.  Planning with an ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES team member means you'll have years of financial planning experience coupled with knowledge of the most recent tax law developments on your side.

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IRS Representation

The IRS continues to expand its tracking capabilities, as well as the amount of information it shares with other government agencies.  As a result, taxpayers are seeing a dramatic increase in tax notices – many of which can be incorrect!  It's imperative that mistakes are dealt with in a timely manner by experienced professionals.  Whether the firm is correcting IRS errors or assisting with audits, ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES' years of experience dealing with taxation authorities ensures clients are receiving competent representation.

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES consults on a wide variety of tax, accounting and financial matters for families, including:

* Individual tax planning, preparation and implementation
* Asset inventory, cash flow reporting, consolidation and planning
* Transaction support
* Pre- and postmortem planning and implementation
* Trust funding, tax planning and implementation
* Estate taxation, planning and administration
* Gift taxation, planning and administration
* Trust taxation, planning and administration
* Fiduciary accounting for probate courts and private fiduciaries

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Accounting Services

Tax Cost Accounting

Tax and accounting clients who have investments or sophisticated employee benefits (such as stock options) will benefit from our tax cost accounting offerings.  Those who have inherited or been gifted assets will also favor this service.

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Fiduciary Accounting

Fiduciary accounting services are available for the executor, trustee, conservator and guardian.  Our probate accounts are produced in Massachusetts Probate format via the OneSource FAS (Fiduciary Accounting System) and can be adapted for other state reporting.  We work closely with your attorney or with our own network of probate attorneys to fulfill your needs.

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Estate Taxation and Administration

ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES will assist you in the preparation of Federal and Massachusetts Estate Tax Returns, Release of Lien filing, pre- and postmortem income and estate tax planning and compliance. The firm works with your attorney on estate administration needs, often facilitating this work for the family in connection with postmortem tax services.

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Financial Planning / Asset Consolidation and Simplification

A properly structured financial plan enables you to face any financial challenge at any stage of life. Through the tax planning process, ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES helps clients assess their financial needs and develop strategies that enable them to achieve their goals and strengthen their financial security. The team works with clients' investment advisors, legal team and family members to ensure sound decisions are being made, then helps them follow through with their planning decisions.

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Trust Funding and Administration

ARCHAMBAULT & ASSOCIATES provide assistance in all areas of fiduciary accounting and trust administration as part of the client's tax or accounting engagement. This includes funding the trusts established by the estate planning documents or preparing court filing for an estate, trust under will or conservatorship. The firm will recommend methods and choices of assets for funding trusts based upon the individual needs of the client, and can assist the fiduciary in fulfilling required duties.

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